Computer aided design and drafting




Founded in 2011, Maquette Virtuelle is a consulting services firm specializing in Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD). We are actively supporting research and development centers that create innovative products and tooling, by providing them with our advanced expertise in CADD.

Our Values

Excellence, Transparency, Flexibility, Productivity, Simplicity. We are enthusiasts and we work in a fun environment. We model today the responsible products of tomorrow.

Our Services

We support enterprises by offering our expertise in CADD. Our specialty and our force are to develop and model parts assemblies and mechanical, aesthetical, electrical and tooling systems. For sectors of activity such as ground vehicles, transport electrification, manufacturing, industrial, food, recycling, and robotics.


Design and drafting of every mechanical parts of the different vehicle systems such as chassis, suspension, engine, cooling, brakes…


Design and drafting of all the aesthetic parts such as the bodywork, dashboard, seats, door interiors etc …. 


Design and drafting of vehicle electrical systems such as harnesses and electrical diagrams.


Design and drawing of tooling to manufacture metal parts, plastic, composite, wood etc. Such as plastic injection molds, assembly and welding jigs…

Notre gamme de services

  • Modélisation 3D
  • Modélisation de surfaces esthétiques – Classe A
  • Modélisation de surfaces d’ingénierie – Classe B
  • Reconstruction de surfaces à partir de nuage de points
  • Mise en plan 2D
  • Modification, révision, mise à jour et correction de dessins
  • Préparation de listes de pièces et matériel (BOM)
  • Nettoyage, conversion et réparation de fichiers
  • Dessin d’atelier
  • Tolérancement géométrique
  • Rétro ingénierie, Rétro conception
  • Projet de conception clef en main
  • Conception de familles de pièces paramétriques
  • Conception mécanique de produits
  • Conception sur mesure de moules, gabarits et outillages
  • Conception de pièces plastiques et d’emballages
  • Conception de prototypes virtuels
  • Conception de mécanismes
  • Conception de pièces usinées, découpées, moulées et métal en feuille.
  • Conception de carrosseries, habillages, carénages, enjoliveurs et pièces esthétiques
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    • Expert specialized in CAD consulting
    • Local and international partners and employees
    • Significant business network in the field
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